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Playing through Mistakes with SimCity Buildit

Maxis, the developer behind the SimCity series has gone beyond the bus routes and the bus stations and decided to take on the entire city building genre in the mobile devices. The evolution feels natural with their traffic program solidly in place, all they need to do is make the rest of it right, right? Well, it seems so. Though Maxis and EA have been partner for the most part of the franchise, they have managed to put together a fine video game that I am happy to stamp with my first “worth playing” seal of the year. The game is none other than SimCity Buildit.

Simcity Buildit FRAt first glance, there is no denying Simcity Buildit’s resemblance to 2013’s Simcity and absolutely everyone will be making comparisons, especially those who love both series. They look a lot alike. They have very similar game interface, and of course, they are both city building simulation games. Honestly, I have put a lot of time playing SimCity Buildit. Buteven with such scenario, I still feel that I have so much to learn from the game.

Simcity Buildit took me a little bit to get used to the controls especially now that I do not have to use my trusted mouse and keyboard combo. That is largely because of the in game tutorials. It has this approach in the game that teaching is best learn by correction not instruction. Take for example, the game will not show you how to properly install power lines but the game AI will correct you once they are not connected properly. Another thing is that, the game wont teach how a power grid system works but you will hear from the citizen how they are still in a black out and that they will eventually leave your city. You will learn from your mistakes.

The feature mentioned above is not you typical approach within the last decades of City building games where tutorials will deliberately teach the players how to play it and that they need to mimic it. This mentality of learning from your mistake might be a deal breaker to some, but I still feel it that there will be a lot who will enjoy the SimCity Buildit.  With the thrill of how the games might be one deciding factor to play the game. If you have time, you can simcity buildit and see the tutorials on how to earn SimCash and Simoleons fast and easy.

As far as the game quality is concern, it is pretty enjoyable. SimCity Buildit might have so many competition but with its features, it hard to pass on.