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Tips To Reinstall The Outlook 2002 Program

We all know that Outlook is invaluable as a desktop email client, doing away with the need to open the web browser, navigate to the mail address, and log in to it, whenever you want to check your mail. Outlook Express is a version of Microsoft Outlook, which comes as part of a bundle of software called Microsoft Office. The components of Microsoft Office might sometimes need to be installed and reinstalled, owing to the corruption of files or program components. Outlook repair generally entails the re-installation of the program, and here’s how you go about it properly.

How to repair or reinstall Outlook in Windows XP

If you’re a user of Windows XP and need to reinstall Outlook 2002, then you can try to repair the installation first. Navigate to the control panel of your computer and then double click on the Add or Remove Programs option. Find the entry for Microsoft Outlook in the list, and then select change/remove. This will let you try a hand at repairing the previous installation of the the program. If it doesn’t work and you decide to reinstall, select the remove this program option, and then put in the Microsoft Office 2002 disk to install a fresh copy of the program. Follow the instructions provided.

How to repair or reinstall Outlook in Windows Vista
Reinstall Outlook 2002

If you’re a user of Windows Vista and need to reinstall Outlook, the installation of Office 2002’s components can be repaired from the Programs and Features section. Search the list for the Outlook entry, and when you do select Uninstall/Change. Click on the Change button to repair the previous installation of the component, or click on Uninstall to remove the leftover parts completely. Put in the Microsoft Office 2002 disk and install a fresh copy.

How to repair or reinstall Outlook in Windows 7

If you use the Windows 7 operating system, you can repair the previous installation by doing the following. From the Start menu, access the Control Panel. Go to Programs, and then click Uninstall. From the list of installed programs displayed, find Outlook 2002 and choose either the Repair or the Uninstall option. If you choose the latter, insert the Office 2002 disk and follow the instruction on the screen, to complete the proper installation of the component.