Deadpool 2: Review

On 2016, Marvel Comics has successfully launched the movie Deadpool. It was a very great action and humor filled film ever. And now, fans are even more excited, because after 2 years, the movie is back in its new sequel Deadpool 2 and is coming to theaters this May 18. Fans who have been following Deadpool comic are more thrilled to hear that their favorite immortal hero will be back on the big screen. So without farther ado, let us learn what this Deadpool 2 movie is giving us this year.

deadpool 2 image – 20th Century Fox

Okay, as Deadpool (Wade Wilson) continues to work as a hero fighting crimes and super villains, he is force to form a group of super hero with different powers in order to protect a young mutant from a time-traveling soldier called Cable.

The movie is created by 20th Century Fox and directed by David Leitch. As usual, Ryan Reynolds will play the role Deadpool, together with other stars like T.J Miller (Weasel), Karan Soni (Dopinder), Terry Crews (Bedlam), Josh Brolin (Nathan Summers/Cable) and many others. Deadpool 2 is pack with superheroes that will be helping Deadpool to protect a young mutant who is hunted by Cable. Deadpool called their group X-Force. It sounds fun and action. We don’t know the reason why Cable is hunting down this young mutant, but one thing is certain, Cable knows the future and must eliminate the kid.

In the movie trailer, it was revealed that Cable infiltrated some kind of highly guarded prison and he was fighting some guards, while using his mutant powers and fighting skills, he knockdowns every one of them.

So to summarize, the story focuses on vf deadpool 2 streaming hd and his X-Force trying to save the young mutant with some kind of extra ordinary power, which Cable is trying to eliminate. Fans of Marvel Comics have already know that Cable is a future member of the X-men and his skills are very impressive but because the past X-men and X-Force don’t know about the future they will end up fighting with him.

Deadpool 2 | The Trailer

We will be watching on the big screen a one on one fight between Deadpool versus Cable. This is a wonderful sight to behold, because Deadpool who cannot die, with great fighting skills and a sense of humor, will give us a great action and fun fighting Cable (who is really a tough mutant with great mutant powers and expert as well in hand to hand combat). This time around Deadpool will no longer work solo, as mentioned earlier, he ask his friend Weasel to form a group of super heroes to help him for his mission. As you can observe in the trailer, they have some kind of audition in order to gather these gifted individuals such as Bedlam, Domino, and Shatterstar to form into an X-Force. In the movie teaser Deadpool and the X-Force will need to infiltrate a transport vehicle which the young mutant was a prisoner and they need to get there first before Cable could kill the mutant. The reason the authorities confine this young mutant because he has some kind of omega level power which he cannot control and he becomes a threat to the community. Maybe he was just scared of what is happening on his life and because of that, it cause him to use his power beyond his control. Deadpool 2 will be one of the biggest films this year 2018. There are plenty of stories hidden in this movie, but one thing is certain, you will love this movie and you can watch a lot of great actions, CGI effect and lots of humor too. So are you excited for the coming of Deadpool 2? Stay updated for free viewing online.

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